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We offer compressed gases in a variety of purities and concentrations. VJG’s compressed gas filling center is equipped with the most modern facilities inCorporating with vacuum system, gas analyzers and quality control system to ensure consistently high quality standard throughout the production chains.
VJG designs and blends every individual gas depend on our customer’s requirement. When blending complement, gas mixtures are homogenized to ensure completed mixing. Mixed gas can be supplied in individual cylinder ranging from 10 liters to 47 liters.

Because every life is precious, we understand the demand of high standard medical requirement.We provide stable supplies of high-quality gases for medical care used at medical facilities as well as oxygen supply system for hospital, contributing to improve the quality of patient’s life.

 Synthesized-aire (Pure air) supply system    
Liquid oxygen system for home-based treatment




We supply the highest quality of our electronics gases to help you make a better product, from the purest industrial gases to the highest quality. We’ll work with you to understand your requirement to achieve the best. We provide from gas monitoring systems to gas cabinets, we offer a comprehensive line of equipment suitable for electronics manufacturers, all designed with your safety in mind. As one of the distributors of maintenance and repair parts to the semiconductor and solar industries in Vietnam, our services provide everything to meet your demand.