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Bộ Quy tắc ứng xử

1. General Provisions

(1) Purposes

This Code of Conduct ("Code") sets forth the basic guidelines for the conduct and concepts to be observed by all employees working in our group companies, enabling them to act in accordance with relevant laws and corporate ethics.

We hereby establish the Code from the viewpoint of corporate social responsibility based on our belief that a relationship of mutual trust with customers or communities will be built through the continuous efforts in our day-to-day operations.

(2) Scope of application

  1. This Code will apply to any and all directors, officers and employees of our group companies. Temporary workers under any dispatch contract are also subject to the Code.
  2. For the purpose of this Code, "our group companies" means collectively our company and all of the affiliate companies within and outside Japan.
  3. Any amendment or abolition of this Code will be only made by the board of directors of our company. In addition, each of our group companies may adapt any part of the Code to local conditions with prior approval from our company if necessary in the light of such relevant laws, customs or business structure in such country or region, provided that no such localized code inconsistent with the essence of this Code will be permitted.